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Music is the Journey

Music has power. Dustin Carpenter loves to harness that power with a broad audience of fellow music lovers and passionate musicians alike. Ever since a young age, Dustin has found great joy and satisfaction by being involved in the creative process. You will find projects from the past and present, as well as future endeavors here.


Library of Musiclandria


In an effort to elevate and support the Modular Synth community in Sacramento and beyond, we're hosting a monthly, modular, textural, quadraphonic synth night at MusicLandria!

This month, we're proud to feature Dustin Carpenter!

Doors at 6:30pm
We'll have homemade soup and fresh baked bread!

Music @ 7 followed by show & tell + Q&A

A suggested donation of $10 helps MusicLandria continue to provide free access to music instruments.


Bleeps & Loops : SPACE

Seattle, WA

Bleeps+Loops presents SPACE, a meditative ambient soundscape & planetarium experience in quadraphonic audio (4-speaker surround sound).

The soundtrack to your individual meditations will be provided by a collective of modular synthesists, whose individual acts will overlap to create a continuous sonic experience.

This music is best experienced in repose; we encourage attendees to bring pillows, blankets, yoga mats… anything that will nurture a contemplative space. Sit or lay back, and allow the ambient sounds of modular synthesizers wash over and surround you. Projections of the night sky, in which to get deeply and peacefully lost, play overhead.

8PM :: $5-$15 Donation